Phillip J. Eby wrote:

> Yes, it would, if you persistently stored the DataSkins in the other
> DataSkins.  If you use an Attribute Provider, however, that loads them from
> a different Specialist+Rack, you'd be fine.

I get it now... (zpatterns zen is coming slowly but surely)

I have a basic implimentation of this now. The way I did it was to have the
AttributeProvider store the id (_SetAttributeFor) but return the object
(_AttributeFor). I store the id of the object in a hidden variable (not in
the Attributes listing), to force the use of the AttributeProvider. The
hidden variable is just a munged version of the actual attribute listed in
the Attributes listing. I haven't got my code as a whole back in working
order to test it yet, but it seems like it should work fine.

Thanks for your help.


John Eikenberry
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 will deserve neither and lose both."
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