Providing full-text search is an advantage that Zope over other web app

However, the current Zcatalog does not respect the local languages. There is
more than 3 splitters which works for different languages already. I do
think anyone would see zope being split by this splitter issue.

Moreover, building multi-lingual sites is certainly a must of the web age,
make survey for the big corps, being globally business you must talk all
languages. If zope really want to be the leader, zope must talk all

Instead of just taugh zcatalog to listern all language, I would like to see
the lang=  tag attributes  were removed from the Zope source completely.
Allowing the zope manager to set lang and encoding as his own will.
Moreover, make Zcatalog use unicode internally. (may be turning zope
completely a unicode app).


Kent Sin

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