Erk... meant this for zope-dev :-S

Chris Withers wrote:
> Hello...
> Okay, I'm still staring up at the ZPatterns learning cliff as I write
> this so forgive my ignorance.
> I'm looking at ZPatterns WRT to 'dynamically generated dataskins'.
> You what? Well, okay, I'll try and explain...
> Firstly, I'm assuming that DataSkins (or their subclasses?) are
> first-class zope objects, can be 'added', copied, pasted, have security
> tabs, can be catalogued, URL traversed, etc, etc. Is that assumption
> correct?
> I hope so :-S
> If it is, is there something which can generate DataSkins on the fly?
> ie: in the same way an AttributeProvider supplier attributes to an
> object, is there something like a 'DataSkin provider' which provides
> whole dataskins to a folderish object?
> Finally, and this is the important bit. Can one of these folderish
> objects also _be_ a DataSkin? So, to word it differently, there is a
> root 'DataSkin provider'. This provides DataSkins which are folderish
> and are also 'DataSkin providers' themselves.
> Why do I want this? Well, think objects in a tree where the
> parents/children are stored as a list of names refering to other
> objects. In addition, objects may have multiple parents, etc...
> Any ideas? Where should I start reading?
> cheers,
> Chris
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