On Sun, Nov 12, 2000 at 11:42:32PM +0100, Dieter Maurer waxed eloquent:
> I tried it on my ZopeCVS installation.
> The Python parts are quite new. The C-part is about 2 weeks old.
> I can not observe what you describe.
> "/index_html" can be viewed as "Annonymous" without any
> change in permissions.

Hi Dieter,
Thanks for investigating.  I also gave it another try, with the same
results as my previous attempts.  Maybe I'm doing something dumb?
I have followed exactly these steps (as a regular user):

1. mkdir Zope2

2. cvs -z7 -d :pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/cvs-repository checkout Zope2

3. cd Zope2

4. python wo_pcgi.py

5. python zpasswd.py -u XXXXXX -p XXXXXX access

6. Edit start file (for port change and stupid log):

        #! /bin/sh
        reldir=`dirname $0`
        PYTHONHOME=`cd $reldir; pwd`
        export PYTHONHOME
        exec /usr/bin/python \
             $PYTHONHOME/z2.py -P 9000 \
             -D "$@" STUPID_LOG_FILE=$PYTHONHOME/zope.log

7. ./start &

8. Visit http://www.boinklabs.com:9080/index_html

8. Get BASICAUTH login box...  ??

Box is Redhat 6.0 with updates, Python 1.5.2 from source.  CVS is v1.10.5.
The only bit I left out was setting up the CVS login on a prior occasion:

        cvs -d :pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/cvs-repository login


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