Yes, a revised version of this has been submitted to the collector. If
anyone is interested, the revised Catalog files can be found on my Zope home
page at I actually have talked to Chris
Petrilli about some other ideas for enhancing the Catalog. I want to add a
query method that allows you to pass a query string something like an SQL
where clause. Chris suggested we start a fishbowl discussion about it.

I'm working on a product for creating JPython applets within Zope at the
moment, although that should be done fairly soon I think. Once that is done
and things in the Catalog for Zope 2.3 get a bit more finalized, I will push
that project forward.

Other ideas on enhancing the Catalog are also welcome.

-Casey D.

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Casey Duncan wrote:
> OK, what this patch does is allow you to concatenate ZCatalog result
> sequences (Lazy sequences) without loading the whole enchilada into
> It also dispenses with the funky workaround/hack notation that currently
> exists (although it still works AFAIK). Once this patch is in place, you
> will be able to write code as follows:


This looks great.

Have you put it in the collector yet?
( as a 'Feature w/patch')

You should chat to Chris Petrilli as he too seems to be on a Catalog
mission, ATM :-)



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