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>Robin Becker wrote:
>> I'm using python's ftplib to automate transfer of my dtml methods back
>> and forth into my ZClasses
>> I seem to be unable to GET a method called 'filtered_meta_types'
>> from
>> /Control_Panel/Procucts/myProduct/myZClass/propertysheets/methods
>> I get instead a permissions error 550. I get the same transferring using
>> another FTP client. I checked the ownership etc and it should be OK. I
>> can only think it's some horrible acquistion problem relating to the
>> default filtered_meta_types thing. Indeed when I rename to FMT it all
>> works quite happily. Is this kind of 'feature' known/expected?
>filtered_meta_types is used by zope to keep a list of the object
>types/meta types that a user can create (and interact? with) in the
>current context.
>so yes this behavior is known and expected, else it would be possible to
>bypass the security system.
yes, but the thing I edit and use quite happily is designed specifically
to override the standard behaviour in the class of the ZClass. I own the
method and FTP is not exactly trying to call it or anything. I'm trying
to get it. I can get all the other methods in the methods sheet why not
this particular one. What 'context' am I supposed to be using with FTP?
Seems to me if I can edit delete replace my filtered_meta_types in my
ZClass through the management interface I ought to be able to do the
same through FTP. Of course I'm barmy enough to demand some kind of
consistency which I ought not to in the 'Zope' context.

What other kinds of idiotic naming problems can one expect?
Robin Becker

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