* Dieter Maurer ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [001116 16:17]:
> The Doctor What writes:
>  > I was looking at the cacheability of my website in zope, and saw
>  > that the misc_/OFSP/*.gif images (as in the icon objects) are 
>  > NOT cacheable because they don't return *any* date info.  If they
>  > *at least* returned a Last Modified, they'd be cacheable.
> My browser (Netscape 4.74) happily cashes these images.
> It is not clear, why a "Last Modified" header should be a precondition
> for caching.
> I would expect it is only necessary, if you told your browser
> (or other cache) to verify freshness for each request.
> If the browser has a "Last Modified", it sends an
> "If-Modified-Since" header and get a 304 response,
> if not.

Ah, but you see, I have a caching proxy! Squid.  My netscape cache's
the images (ie, writes them to disk) but they are overwritten
everytime.  Since I connect via modem, I can watch them repopulate

Even if Netscape does hold on to them without a caching proxy, we
couldn't rely on that behavior.

This problem makes 'icon' an undesireable object to use.


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