We were chatting a while back about how to handle the MySQL issue of
support/non-support for transactions, with the dominant suggestion at
the time being two DAs.

I just got done talking with Michael Widenius (Monty of MySQL fame) and
he offered to add a warning on rollback if the table doesn't support
transactions. So what I'm going to do is this, unless anyone can raise a
beefy suggestion.

1) Actually get off my ass and incorporate all of adustman's MySQLdb
changes into my ZMySQLDA. :)
2) Make transactions un-supported until the release of MySQL that
contains the warning. Since the 3.23 line is pre-release, there
shouldn't be any issues with people using a version of MySQL that
supports transactions but not being able to upgrade to one that ZMySQLDA
supports (you should never be that tied to a pre-release version of
3) For all MySQL versions that we don't 'officially' support as having
transactions, throw an exception if a rollback is attempted.
4) Include a config option to turn off the exceptions.

I believe we should be able to keep a simple, and single, ZMySQLDA this
way. But please, shoot holes in the plan for me.


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