Hi all - 

One of the things I _really_ _really_ wanted to fix for 
the upcoming 2.2.3 release is the infamous "__call__" bug. 

I have a fix that works according to my limited testing - 
what I really need is for a few volunteers familiar with 
the problem to take a few minutes to verify the fix and 
let me know if the problem goes away for them as well.

Attached is an updated version of cDocumentTemplate.c. You 
can drop this into the lib/python/DocumentTemplate directory 
of your installation and rebuild it - after restarting the 
Zope site, the __call__ problem should be gone.

I'd really like to hear from some folks on this so I can 
get the 2.2.3 release wrapped up - thanks!

Brian Lloyd        [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Software Engineer  540.371.6909              
Digital Creations  http://www.digicool.com 


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