Hi Roch'e,

   I'm guessing that getAllContactsForCustomer is a "DTML Method".  If
I remember correctly the third argument is a 'mapping object' that can
be used to augment the effective namespace available to the
method. Passing _.None should do nothing (I'm guessing you could just
use "getAllContactsForCustomer( this(), _ )" and it would work just
fine. This issue has been pretty much hashed to death here in the 
past. There is even a fishbowl proposal to 'fix it'. 



>>>>> "Roch'e" == Roch'e Compaan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Roch'e> I have a specialist Contacts and for Contacts I have a
    Roch'e> method getAllContactsForCustomer.  Whenever I want to call
    Roch'e> this method I have to pass on the whole namespace and the
    Roch'e> object itself to get it to work eg:
    Roch'e> getAllContactsForCustomer(this(), _, _.None).  Why is this
    Roch'e> the case?  And what does _.None actually mean?

    Roch'e> Roché

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