Thanks for answering Steve.

Unfortunitly I am working with version 0.3 of ZPatterns so I have 
to use GAP. 

When I try to translate your Skinscript into GAP like this 
"attrsexprs:account_object=(RESULT is _.None) and NOT_FOUND or 
RESULT" and I try to access the object's id with <dtml-var 
""> I get a "NameError" on account_object. 
Alternativly if I do <dtml-var account_object> I get a "KeyError". 

(BTW. for testing I used "accounts.getItem('1434')" which is a 
valid object. If I do "" it works fine.)

I appreciate any help on this.

Hi Ben,
    GAPs are sort of deprecated at this point in favor
of SkinScript. In SkinScript you might do something like this: 

WITH accounts.getItem(self.account_id) COMPUTE 
or more carefully... 

WITH accounts.getItem(self.account_id) COMPUTE 
account_object=(RESULT is _.None) and NOT_FOUND or RESULT 


>>>>> "bentzion" == bentzion  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
    bentzion> Another question...     bentzion> I want to have a 
GAP that will add some other Object to
    bentzion> an attribute of my DataSkin. This is what I have 

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