On Wed, 22 Nov 2000, Chris Withers wrote:

[ snipped cosmetic modifications ;) ]

> > until I had to put some security on my CallableFolders. Removing 'View'
> > for Anonymous keeps me from accessing a CallableFolder directly but it can
> > still be used as a subtemplate (dtml-var x) from another DTML Document or
> > Method. Bummer! Doing some tests I discovered that plain DTML Documents
> > show the same behaviour (!), though DTML Methods throw 'Unauthorized' as
> > expected.
> Ewww... that's not very nice, Collector time:
> http://classic.zope.org:8080/Collector/


> > *) Do I have to take measures in my baseclass to properly access/pass
> >    security contexts?
> ...shouldn't do, AFAIK.

relief ;)

> > *) Or is there even prior art on such a baseclass or reasons why this just
> >    cannot possibly work?
> ZCallable, ZRenderable and FunctionTemplate are all in this space...

I've seen them all. I cannot make ZCallable work (too many datafull
baseclasses...), Renderable does only give me the REQUEST, and
FunctionTemplates are far more than I am able to grok at the moment ;)

Thanks anyway,

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