Hmm... OK ... next question... what are you doing *in* the 'in' tag?

Somehow you're trying to access an object contained in an
object manager (one of your modules?) and you're using an
'int' rather than a string as an id. Can you post the code?


>>>>> "Roch'e" == Roch'e Compaan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    >> OK.. it's the 'in' tag that's causing the problem. Why not try:
    >> <dtml-var "experession that's causing problem with in"
    >> html_quote>
    >> and see what 'in' is choking on...

    Roch'e> It's choking on a list of instances.  This is what is
    Roch'e> returned when I "var" the expression:

    Roch'e> [<Module instance at 8b97660>, <Module instance at
    Roch'e> 88f04b0>, <Module instance at 8994730>, <Module instance
    Roch'e> at 8b46a08>]

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