Hi Chris,

   No.. you're not off your rocker... I think you can do all the
things that are possible through the web in your product, but some/(or
most?) of the *point* of ZPatterns is to allow for integration and
customization of your application after it's installed. A lot of that
happens in SkinScript so that means it will probably be
modified/customized TTW. You could of course build a product that
'instantiates' with a totally set up set of PlugIns (that access
e.g., ZODB only..) and do that all in Python. My approach for that sort
of thing has been to dig through the source to figure out the constructors
and call them explicitly in my constructor... (EMarket did this for a while
until I decided that I was just doing work that someone else would 
go and 'undo' when they tried to actually use the product. )

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Chris> Hi,

    Chris> I think (shock, horror) I'm finally starting to understand
    Chris> ZPatterns ;-) (well, okay, just a little bit then...)

    Chris> Anyway, I'm wondering how I'd go about making a
    Chris> ZPatterns-based project that is totally file system
    Chris> based. The reasons for this are CVS-ability, the ability to
    Chris> update the 'product' without trashing the data, the ability
    Chris> to easily duplicate the 'system' without copying the data,
    Chris> better editing environment, etc, but I'm not sure how I'd
    Chris> go about it.

    Chris> It seems as though all the cool bits (like SkinScript
    Chris> methods, order of racks and the like) are in Zope's
    Chris> 'instance space' with ZPatterns. Does this have to be so or
    Chris> could all the 'setting up' be stored/changed in Python or
    Chris> other filesystem-based stuff?

    Chris> If so, how so? I guess I'm talking about HTMLFile-like
    Chris> things for SkinScript and ZSQL methods, amongst others.

    Chris> Possible, or am I off my rocker (again ;-)

    Chris> cheers,

    Chris> Chris

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