> > Is there anyway to get a hold off the message-id of e-mail sent through
> > the sendmail tag?
> As far as I can see, there isn't any generation of a message-id in the
> MailHost product.
> [snip]

Thanks for the suggestion, this is what I'm trying to do:

We're building a customer relationship management system and one part of it
is a request tracking system.  For a particular request there can be many
tasks assigned to various supporters.  A supporter can give feedback to
customer from a task assigned to him.  If the customer replies to this task
via e-mail I want to associate that message with the task where the feedback
originated from but most e-mail clients discard custom headers but preserve
a 'In-Reply-To' header with the original message-id.

This is what I do currently:
If the supporter sends feedback to the customer I send a copy of the mail
back into zope to get the message-id generated by the MTA and then store the
message with the approriate task.  When the customer replies to this message
I search a catalog for the original message-id via the 'In-Reply-To' header
and then associate the reply with the correct task.  In this way one can
keep track of all correspondence on a specific task.  If I can generate the
message-id like you suggested then I don't have to send a copy of the
message back into zope but can save a copy directly in Zope.

Any other suggestions would be more than welcome.


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