Willem and Zope-Dev'ers,

Willem Broekema wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> PathHandler is a nice and really useful product!

Thanks :-)

> A question though: is it on purpose that it ignores spaces at the end of
> the url, as in:
> http://site/ph/%20d%20  --> path_to_handle == [' d'] instead of [' d ']
> (%20 is the escape code for a space)
> Although it's really a minor minor thing, letting the user decide how to
> deal with spaces might be a tiny improvement.

Well, it's not PathHandler that's stripping spaces, so either Zope is,
or maybe even your browser is.
Anyone got any ideas?

That said, handling of spaces and %20's in URLs isn't very well defined
anyway, so I would avoid it if you can...

> And in the README.txt file, please replace
> <dtml-var path_to_handle> with &lt;dtml-var path_to_handle&gt; so it
> won't be ignored in the browsers.

Well, I think this is a bug with Zope. README.TXT is a text file,
formatted so it will render nicely in structured text.
It does this in the management interface for the PathHandler product,
but the < and > aren't quoted properly.
I wonder why that is? 

Hmmm... anyone know what happened to StructuredTextNG?

Anyway, README.TXT is primarily designed as a text file, and
&lt;dtml-var path_to_handle&gt; isn't very easy to read when viewing a
text file ;-)
So, I guess someone needs to fix Zope for at least one and maybe both of
your problems to go away. 

Any ideas?



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