>>>>> "Michel" == Michel Pelletier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Michel> Because massive scale is not a requirment of folders, they
    Michel> are meant to organize content for humans, not to be
    Michel> large-collection containers.  A folder with 5000 elements
    Michel> is not very useful to a human.

    Michel> On a similar note, create 5000 files in a linux directory on a ext2
    Michel> (standard) filesystem and then type 'ls'.  You'll notice they don't
    Michel> scale very well either, which is why there are filesystems like
    Michel> ReiserFS.

    Michel> -Michel

Point taken, but in Zope where data and logic reside in the same place
(ZODB) shouldn't we have some sort of effcient storage for large amounts
of data?  What happens when a site gets three or four thousand users?
That won't fit well in an UserFolder.  


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