In my proposal:

I mention interface object meta-data like pre/post conditions.  This
spurned a lot of interesting conversation, and I wanted to clarify some
bits that I picked up from the thread.

The proposal is not in any way trying to define what types of meta-data
are interesting, this is, rightly, application dependent (for example,
Zope would find security assertions interesting, other applications may
not).  The proposal is just proposing a mechanism for associating any
kind of meta-data with an interface object.

Dont get me wrong, the information on pre and post conditions was really
interesting, especially Tim's description of Eiffel's particularly
strong methedology that made me glad I don't work for the government.

In the interest of clarifying what these interface objects are, I have
created an Interface interface description:

This describes interfaces, attributes and method objects and how they
are used.  I can forsee creating interface objects for these interface

The ones marked **Proposed** are the ones I am most interested in
getting feedback on.



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