My site uses SiteAccess2, zope 2.2.2, etc.

If I got to one of my virtual hosts and enter a bogus URL, I get an
error message that includes *another* error message within it (both
from's _error_html().  Example:

I have modified _error_html() to put a comment at the very start
saying where it came from.

In addition, the root standard_html_message has a comment at the top
and so does the /docwhat stdandard_html_message, both saying which
it is.  /docwhat is the folder that's
vhost/siteroot is at.

The fish url above should generate (I thought) my
standard_html_message from /docwhat.  I don't understand this at
all.  It goes against the docs in

My site includes a view_source that works fairly well, if you want
to see the various standard_html_message's. is a
non-siteaccessed version of my site, with no siteaccess rules.  Here
are the URLs:
docwhat one:
root one:

Thanks for any help.


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