With all the work going on related to Zope's authentication system has
there been any progress on allowing custom unauthorized errors? I'd refer
to the bug id in the collector, but it seems to be down at the moment.

I'm planning on using LoginManager which fixes this to a certain extent
last I heard... that is it will let you use a customized unauthorized error
when you know who the user is (ie. they've logged in), but not for
anonymous users.

Just out of curiousity (I'm looking at the source now to figure this out,
but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask), why is this? The anonymous user has
a user object, and so would seem to be a real user as far as the system

I'm tired of hacking custom unauthorized errors into zope all the time, so
I'd really like to get this fixed at some point. Any thoughts as to
directions to go, or dead ends to be avoided. I'll be looking into this as
I find time so any help would be appreciated.


John Eikenberry
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