> At 10:07 AM 12/1/00 +0100, Joachim Schmitz wrote:
> >
> >this works fine. Now I wanted to have attributes which I don't want to
> >display in the form, for example complete attribute. I therefore created
> >another dataskin propersheet Internal in AZ with a property complete
> >and tried to set it with:
> >
> ><dtml-call
> >"ni.propertysheets.Internal.manage_changeProperties(REQUEST,complete='1')">
> >
> >But I don't manage to store retrieve this attribute.
> >All attributes in the Basic propertysheet I can store and retrieve.
> >
> >what is the magic behind this ?
> >
> Beats me.  I know that we use a variety of DataSkin propertysheets in our
> apps with no problems, although we are not using persistent storage at the
> present time.
> What happens when you try to store "complete"?  Is it simply not saved, or
> do you get some kind of error?  Have you tried other values?  Have you
> checked your permissions to ensure your code has rights to change the
> "Internal" sheet?
Its just silently ignored, everything in the Basic-sheet is stored
correctly, and I set up the Internal sheet exactly as the Basic. I had the
suspicion that only the Sheet listed first is used, but if I list it in
the Sheet_Names of PersistentSheets it makes no difference. 


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