Itamar Shtull-Trauring <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Simon Michael wrote:
> > Flat Database (was ListMate) is just what I need to whip up an
> > interface for non-technical administrators - thanks. So I migrated two
> > data tables ("workshops" & "registrations") from gadfly to flatdb
> > instances using the CSV import feature, and the admin interface is
> > working fine.
> I wrote flat database because I wanted some features ListMate didn't have
> and didn't want ZClasses.  I basically copied the structure from ListMate,
> so it's probably not the best design possible for ZPatterns. So (1) may not
> be possible with the current code.

Itamar, thanks for your suggestions on this. I never got it working.
Frustrated by a period of intense Zope Developer Pain I fell back
on.. you've guessed it.. my favorite hammer.

For this application I found that a zwiki page containing a CSV table
makes a micro-db that's relatively easy to administer & work with (and
it's almost editable with MS Excel). I made a support method for doing

Question for the list: is this nuts ? I somehow doubt it would pass
the ACID test, but zope's transactions help and at least for this app
(small data, low load, mostly appending) it seems to have worked well.


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