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>>>>>> "RB" == Robin Becker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>  RB> Anyone know why AM Kuchling needs to split off a Sourceforge
>  RB> project based on ZODB? I really liked the ZEO examples, but
>  RB> where's this going?
>It is the most expedient way to start opening ZODB development,
>including ZEO, up to a larger audience of developers.  Andrew's
>project will focus primarily on packaging, testing, and
>documentation.  In the short term, the easiest way to accommodate his
>needs are to have his own SF project.
>The plan is to have the two different CVS repositories integrated at
>the level of working directories.  Developers will probably end up
>with checkouts of both CVS trees, knit together so that Andrew's setup
>scripts and the like encapsulates the source code from the DC tree.
>(This setup makes the initial checkout a little complicated, but cvs
>update should work normally.)
>Andrew, Jim, and I and the rest of the PythonLabs team chatted about
>these plans over Chinese food on Wednesday.  PythonLabs plans to get
>much more involved in ZODB development.  One goal of that involvement
>is to promote ZODB's use within the Python community, and Andrew's
>work is an important part of that promotion.
Robin Becker

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