I have found a bug in ZSQL methods that is describe by this collector 


This item was posted over a year ago! The bug is still in the program, so 
I'm guessing that DC folks are too busy to get to this.

The collector item described above describes a weak work-around 
because the submitter didn't understand how this exception can occur.. 
Here's how it happens..

If a query is executed twice, the second time beyond the cache time 
limit. Then the query string is stored in tcache{} twice (two different 
times) but in cache{} only once.

Eventually the cache reaches it's maximum size and entries are expired 
in reverse time order. The earlier tcache{} entry is encountered and the 
query in cache{} is deleted.

Eventually the later query is also deleted from tcache{}, but the query no 
longer exists in cache{} and a KeyError is raised.

Here's the fix I'm applying. I'm only deleting the cache{} entry if it's time 
matches the tcache{} entry that is about to be deleted.

I couldn't figure out how to post a patch for a pending collector item. 
Also didn't want to duplicate the pending bug report either. 


lib/python/Shared/DC/DA.py line 392 or so

            while keys and (len(keys) > max_cache or keys[-1] < t):
                del tcache[key]
                if int(cache[q][0]) == key:
                    del cache[q]
                del keys[-1]

My change is:

                if int(cache[q][0]) == key:
                    del cache[q]

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