> Not necessary.  If you retrieve your DataSkin as an attribute of its
> container, the DataSkin __of__ method will automatically find and bind the
> DataManager (assuming you're not using some class that overrides __of__).

ok i've gone all through the source searching for a method
to get an object of a <meta-type> with <key> ...

when I call FwCS.getOb(id) then i get back an object with ??meta-type??
if I have different Customizers all serving one meta-type ???

I Have a Customizer for an EventClass and another for LocationClass

they're both stored in an database using an unique int as PrimaryKey

when i call getOb(1) how should my FwCS know which one it should
give back ??

> Just retrieve the objects from their containers in the normal Zope way.
> Ditto for creation - use the standard way of constructing objects in an
> ObjectManager.
> Just use the normal Zope "add list" to create one manually, or call the
> appropriate constructors (e.g. SomeZClass.createInObjectManager()).

Yes, if i create an object and call FwCS._setObject(id,ob) the FwCS can
choose the right place to store the object
e.g. if properly configured using a Customizer with SSMethod

> >is there an example those newItem(<meta_type>,key) -
> >getItem(<meta_type>,key) ??
> You want examples?  You forget, this is ZPatterns.  ;)  Seriously, look
> examples of how to create an object by meta_type in a Zope ObjectManager.

just the one snippet of code which how to serve the problem i described ..

thanks again for your appropriate help

Ulrich Eck

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