Tempting fate by claiming a bug...but although I'm sure I'm at fault
here, there's no sensible reason for the results I'm getting.

When I view one of several different pages with IE5, the last 11 bytes
don't reach the browser.  I've got a couple of other people to try it
out.  One of them reported the same symptoms, the other didn't.  I
don't get it with Netscape.

I'd *really* appreciate it if anyone who has IE5 could have a go at


and let me know (you can tell if the bug's happened if the source ends
abruptly with something like '</ta').

Things I've deduced:

- http://test.jamkit.com/index_html works :S

- It's not related to the bad HTML in that example page (I've tried 
  pages with perfect HTML)

- It's related to how I've built the page (the Zope Welcome screen is
  fine, other pages built using the same product don't work.  The
  product I'm building is a folderish thing with lots of extra 
  navigational services)

- it's always the last 11 bytes that are missing, however large the 
  page is

- I've sent exact copies of the HTTP headers to the server, using
  telnet, and there's no problem there

I imagine the fact that I can make it work by adding index_html is the
most telling point, but it's not telling me anything ;)
I'll continue my research by eliminating elements until I've nailed down
exactly the bit that's messing it up.  Right now, though, I have to go
to bed.  Meanwhile, any comments?



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