Josh Zeidner wrote:

> As for the ( MediaKeywords in ['ouch'] ) this is featured on a Zope 
> article about keyword indexes and it should be updated.

You're right. The HOWTO at

has "in" instead of "=" in the last example. So,

<dtml-in "Catalog.searchResults(doc_keywords in ['Squids', 'foo' 'bar'])">

should read:

<dtml-in "Catalog.searchResults(doc_keywords=['Squids', 'foo' 'bar'])">

I've cc-ed Alex, the author of the HOWTO, into this message.

>  OK.  Is it possible to query keyword indexes for several keywords at 
> once?  If so, what is the syntax?

What exactly do you mean? You can do a search for 'Squids' or 'foo' or 
'bar' in a particular keyword index using the syntax given above.

> Again, I am reporting a bug I have 
> found that even if I am querying for only one( using the aformentioned 
> syntax ), the results are unpredictable.  

I explained in a previous message that I had tried to do what you 
described, and I could not reproduce your bug. Everything came out 
consistently, as I would expect.

> I am using CatalogAware 
> ZClasses and I am quite sure that the words are indexed( by reporting 
> the featured MetaData ).

Ok. Describe exactly the steps I need to take, from an empty zope, to 
reproduce your bug. I'll try this out and either tell you what you've 
done wrong, or give you a patch to ZCatalog, depending where the fault 
lies. Don't forget to say exactly what version of Zope and what version 
of Python you're using.

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