> Hi,
> The problem is inside postgresql ! They use OID type for LOB and for table'oid, PoPy 
>(to simplify LOB handling) detect automagically LOB and returns them to the end user 
>who can handle them easily.
> I study the postgresql sources on the CVS and they haven't resolv this problem.
> We have to write this in the BUGS file we plan to add soon in our release.
> If you have any proposals to resolv this BIG problem ?
> I'm sorry for this but postgresql types are very confused.
> Best regards.
So, if I understand correctly, oids are handled as large binary objects?
>From what I see, oids are 6 bytes in length (using SELECT
length(oid)...) since they have a max value of 4 billion, that leads me
to believe that only 4 bytes are used as a numeric value. So, they are
really just a glorified int4 with 2 extra bytes tacked on for some

Anyhow, why exactly does this cause PoPy to crash? I can surely work
around this problem for now, but I can certainly see cases where
returning an oid would be an essential function, especially if you are
working on a generalized database tool.

I am certainly willing to help get this fixed. Any additional
information you (or anybody) has regarding this would be greatly

Thanks for your help.
| Casey Duncan
| Kaivo, Inc.

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