You should look through the mailing lists .... there is generous amounts of
answers to this.  For me the two sit philosophically linked in the acquisition
model.  Acquisition is partially about actions working in environments, with the
environment decribing the quality of the result.  You can think of a DTMLMethod
as an action, who itself has no substrate, i.e. properties, and  DTMLDocuments
as substrate, i.e. it contains properties etc, for example background colour,
types of animals, whatever.  One can then throw a method around into different
environments, i.e. call it on documents, and one will get a result that is
dependent on that environment(document).   It is also nice that environments can
acquire from their surrounding too, so you should think of acquisition in
DTMLDocuments as been for more and more global properties as one moves out, eg:
a company logo.  Whereas acquisition for a method is to actually acquire an
environment to work in. 

Well that's the way I view it, and it helps.


 On Sat, 30 Dec 2000, The Doctor What wrote:
> What are the differences between DTML Documents and Methods
> internally?  I was just thinking about the problems every new user
> (and experienced users, every so often) have regarding DTML
> Documents vs DTML Methods.
> Aren't they really the same except that Documents are anchored (ie,
> don't allow aquisition from the caller, but only from the location
> of the Document)?
> If that is true, couldn't they be simplified as a (example name)
> DTML Object that had an "anchor" flag?
> Just a thought.
> Ciao!
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