Chris Withers wrote:

> However, the only way I could find to solve it was to add a
> manage_afterAdd method to Squishdot Sites which recatalogued all
> postings. This is a _lot_ more resource intensive than it needs to be,
> since I don't actually want to recatalog all postings (quite expensive
> when there are 3000+ of them ;-), I just want to modify the paths that
> ZCatalog has stored.
> Is there any way to do this? There probably should be ;-)

Look in the new ZCatalog product (released for testing a few weeks ago), 
in the manage_normalize_paths method of (line 603).

This method goes through every item in the Catalog, and checks to see if 
its path needs to be changed to the new convention of using the physical 
path to the object.

You could use a modified version of this method to do what you want, 
calling it from manage_afterAdd. You may need to store the old path to 
the ZCatalog instance in an attribute, so you'll know how to change the 

The following code should help, although I haven't tested it. It is 
shamelessly cribbed from Chris P's manage_normalize_paths method.

   paths = self._catalog.paths
   uids = self._catalog.uids

   for path, rid in uids.items():
       del uids[path]
       paths[rid] = new_path
       uids[ppath] = rid

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