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>Steve Spicklemire wrote:

>  >>>>> "Itai" == Itai Tavor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>     Itai> Maybe with this
>     Itai> SkinScript: WITH Doers.getItem(self.doerID) CALCULATE
>     Itai> self.doerID=RESULT.id or '' ?  But I'm not really sure about
>     Itai> this...
>Ahh.. I think my brain just imploded in a recursive death spiral,
>but I get intent of the idea. This would work I think:
>WITH Doers.getItem(self.doerID) COMPUTE self.myDoer=RESULT or 
>where there is a default 'doer' named 'doNothing' in one of the Doers
>Racks.  This guy would 'fill in' for the ToDo's doer when no 'real'
>doer can be found... I like that. ;-)

Yeah, this looks good... whether it's appropriate or not depends on 
how you expect the case where there's no Doer to behave - if you 
needed to know explicitly that a Doer doesn't exist, returning a 
'nothing' doer could confuse things. BTW, I can't see the recursion 
in my script... but maybe my brain is still in vacation mode :)

>     Itai> I think you've managed very well to stay on the right side
>     Itai> of the line in the sand... the problem is that complex real
>     Itai> world applications have a lot of stuff on the other side of
>     Itai> the line, and the challenge is to pull that stuff over the
>     Itai> line. My personal problem is figuring out if the stuff I
>     Itai> have on the wrong side of the line is necessitated by the
>     Itai> complexity of the application, or if I'm just making things
>     Itai> unnecessarily complicated...
>Thanks... don't want to mix metaphors, but I'm fearing that the line
>in the sand may be on a slippery slope ;-). Seriously though. It would
>be really easy to make this 'dumb' example so complex that a beginner
>in ZPatterns couldn't make it through without brain damage.... but never
>fear.. I've already squandered all my free time for the next three
>months on this... so it will very likely stay stuck where it is for
>some time now... I hope that some ZPatterns beginners find it useful
>as a starting place.

I'm sure this example will be useful for beginners... it answers a 
lot of questions that it took me weeks to figure out. And it worked 
well as a test bed for various implementations of object connections. 
Shame about your free time :(

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