Chris McDonough wrote:
> The ZODB tries
> hard to avoid error conditions for you by retrying conflicting writes, but
> if you really pound the snot out of a particular object, it'll let you know.

That's gotta be one for the Zope quotes board, if I could onyl remember
the URL :-)

> and step through a real-world ConflictError situation.  Neither of which I
> have time to do right now... sorry, Chris.
> this one by saying "I don't know" because it's one of those things where
> learning exactly what is going on can chew up time like nobody's business,
> because I'd need to step through the code line-by-line.  I shouldn't even be
> in here.  :-(

Hey, no problem, the help was much appreciated :-)

However, if anyone does know what constitutes a 'seperate object' in
ZODB terms, it be really useful to know.
I'm guessing a class which inherits from Persistent? Dictionaries don't,
'cos they're python builtins, which I'm pretty certain was the problem
in my case...



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