Steve Spicklemire wrote:
> Hi Chris,
>    OK... you need to tell us where the index_html's are and what they have
> in them!  ;-)

Doesn't seem to matter what's in them...

Say there's one in folder1 and one in folder2, which one should be used?
Why are neither of them being used?



> Do you have a
> <dtml-var folderx>
> somewhere?

don't think so...

>     Chris> If you go to a URL that ends in a folder, you get the
>     Chris> index_html in that folder, right?
>     Chris> Well, yes and no...
>     Chris> If you go to:
>     Chris> ...where folder1 is a folder in your Zope's root, folder2
>     Chris> is contained in folder1, but doesn't itself contain a
>     Chris> folder1 (so the last folder1 in the url is also the first
>     Chris> one, just acquired), Zope returns the following:
>     Chris> <html><head> <base
>     Chris> href="http://localhost:8080/testnav/normaltest/testnav/">
>     Chris> </head>
>     Chris> <body> <Folder instance at 014B3D80> </body> </html>

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