Once again I'm back at trying to solve this problem, hopefully with a
little more knowledge this time ;-)

What I'd like:
'Zope' objects of type 'X', which can have multiple parents and can
contain other objects of type 'X', where storage isn't necessarily tied
to the ZODB but where the objects have a normal properties page (in
terms of use, again, it'd be nice if it could be stored anywhere) and
participate in all the normal Zope security and management interface
processes, and they need to be catalogable.

This sounds like ZPatterns to me, am I right?

If so, it appears there are two choices:
1. Folder w/Customiser Support (FwCS ;-) and DataSkins
2. Specialist with one or more Racks and DataSkins

Which one of these would be most appropriate?
FwCS containg DataSkins that also mix in the Folder class sound like
they'd give a closer approximation to 'real Zope objects', but Racks
sound like the only way that objects of the same metatype can come from
different sources (eg, some objects of type 'X' from ZODB, some from
SQL, some from LDAP ,etc) and seem to be more flexible in general, but
can I have DataSkins that nest stored in a specialists' rack, eg:


How about doing something like:



Any help is good help, sorry this is a bit rambling, if you need mroe
info, I'll be happy to supply it :-S



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