"Phillip J. Eby" wrote:
> You can't really "nest" DataSkins inside each other in a rack, and you
> really don't want to, anyway.  

I kindof agree, I guess nesting doesn't mean a lot in RDBMS terms? ;-)

> But there's nothing that says you can't
> create a DataSkin subclass whose __bobo_traverse__ looks up related
> objects.  

Hurm, could something similar be doen so a DataSkin could implement the
objectmanager interface?

> You just can't "really" store the DataSkins inside each other.

I don't want to, I only want it to appear to Zope, ZPublisher and the
Management Interface as if that was the case. The only difference being
that 'objects' can appear under more than one parent.

> Note that if your __bobo_traverse__ uses a specialist "getXforY()" call,
> you can "store" objects from different databases (racks) "inside" each
> other.  :)

I like the sound of that :-)

Well, thanks for the help so far, I'm going to have to bite the bullet
and start implementing tomorrow :-S



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