> > Well, virtual in the sense as a specialist is no real folder but can
> > provide content from different sources. Thus what I mean is some mechanism
> > which emulates objectIds() etc. so it looks to the user (and the ones
> > using it via dtml) like a normal folder object.
> > Somehow like the Customizer but without the need for actually creating
> > Zope objects. Something inbetween Specialist and Customizer this would be
> > I guess.
> yeah, this is exactly what I'm after too. I'd like the virtual objects
> the specialist is responsible for to have normal Zope management
> screens.

Well, I think this shouldn't be too difficult to create. Just a subclass
of Specialist and add some Contents-Tab, define objectIds() etc. in the
Methods tab and call it in the management screen of "Contents".
Though the more advanced things like Copy/Paste/Rename might then not
be available.. But for me actually it would be sufficient to get the

> Also, much mroe trickily, I'd like them to be able to contain each
> other, although Steve A's __bobo_traverse__ trick might help with this
> bit...

What do you mean? Nesting Specialists (or these virtual folder specialists)?


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