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> Comments provided as requested

With sensible defaults, what I was proposing would be just as simple as
things are now, but explicit and flexible.

For example, if you start a method name with _, it's not URL
traversable, or available in DTML. I have no idea about FTP but it
probabyl won't be accessible through DAV.

Alternatively, if you give a method in a python a doc string, it will be
URL traversable. Take that doc string away and it won't be url
traversable but will be accessible in DTML. Again, don't know about FTP
or DAV.

I agree the wording might be bad (that proposal is very old now), but
how can something that seeks to clearly define and document something
that has already been partially and accidentally implemented (as was
often the Zope way ;-) be a bad thing?




How would you hide things like standard_html_header and _footer from

Access Contents Information is needed by a lot of methods (some of which
aren't available to give proxy roles to) that using it to prevent peole
from sniffing around in your site isn't feasible.

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