At 12:49 AM 1/6/01 +0000, Steve Alexander wrote:
>WHEN OBJECT ADDED, CHANGED CALL self.ensure_conditions_hold()
>I write the ensure_conditions_hold method so that it returns None if 
>everything is ok, but raises an exception if there is a problem with the 
>new state of the object.
>That's all fine. However, I want to catch this exception in my 
>application, and handle it in a friendly way. However, I've tried using 
>dtml-try blocks and try: except: blocks from Python Scripts, and either 
>way, I cannot catch the exception. It still causes Zope to return the 
>standard_error_message screen.
>I can only speculate that this is all due to the way that triggers get 
>executed at the end of transaction. I guess I'll have to validate the 
>data twice if I want to provide helpful feedback to the user.
>How do I catch an error raised by a Trigger?

What Ty and I usually do is raise user-friendly error messages (in HTML) to
begin with, so there's no need to trap them in an except block; Zope's
normal handling works okay then.  This is the "as designed/intended"
solution to your overall problem.  (We often use dtml-raise for this, as it
makes it easier to create a full-screen HTML error page.)

But to answer the question you asked, you can do it by performing a
subtransaction commit, wrapped in a try or dtml-try block.  This will fire
the triggers in a context where you can trap the exception.  We suggest you
only use this trick when you really need it, however, and in your situation
as described I don't think you really need it.  Even if
"ensure_conditions_hold" can't be changed to raise friendly exceptions, you
can always put a wrapper routine around it that catches and re-raises them.

The key idea here is that it's perfectly okay to let an exception propagate
to the user, if formatted properly.  You probably *want* it to happen, to
ensure that *everything* gets rolled back.  Even if you do the
subtransaction trick and trap the error, you still want to make sure the
transaction as a whole aborts, since SQL (for example) might already have
been sent to a database.

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