Just got a basic loginmanager setup working with an SQL backend based off
the howto. Very simple once I figured out a couple things (thanks dlpierson
whoever you are).

Anyways... I want to be able to support both cookie based auth and basic
auth. With cookie based auth being the default unless they don't have
cookies (either because they have them turned off, behind a proxy filter,
etc), in which case they should use basic auth. The problem is I'm not sure
how to get it to use something other than cookie based auth. The default
setup tries to use cookie auth whether or not cookies are in use.

Any tips on how to get this working? I know there is no great way of
detecting cookies, besides setting one and testing for it. But even if I
did this, how do I say I want basic auth if the test cookie isn't found.

Thanks in advance for any tips/advice.


John Eikenberry
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