Hello ,

I am trying to pull text from a Mysql DB into a page inside zope.

I have the ZMYSQL connection setup and tested .

for example :
select renderText From Phrases where phrase_id = 3 and lang =1

I have also gotten the ZSQL method tested and working

example :



select renderText from Phrases
<dtml-sqlgroup where>
<dtml-if expr="phrase_id">
<dtml-sqltest name="phrase_id" type="int" >

change and test enter 3 for  phrase id and I get the correct info
SQL used:
select renderText from Phrases
phrase_id = 3

Now for the duh section.

All of the above works fine with a submit button and entering info ,

I would like to pull the info into a Zope HTML page.

I believe that this is close

<dtml-call "REQUEST.set('phrase_id', foo)">

           <dtml-in expr="langtest()">
              <dtml-var expr="_['sequence-item'].renderText">

but is foo supposed to be my var of whatever I want passed ?

 how do I pass the variable for phrase ID ( via a variable and changed per
request ) to the language test and display the results so the user never
knows .

I think I am close just missing the obvious I think anyhelp ?

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