Here's the beef:
Want to use ZWiki but have a slightly different version of what you want a
wikiname to be? In my case I wanted to include TLAs as wikinames as my
industry is full of them and its really handy to have to automatically
hyperlinked so anyone can give the definition and references easily.
To enable this I created a patch to ZWiki that will look for a property in
the aquisition path called WikiNameDefinition. If found, this string
property is treated as a regexp that is "or"ed with the standard wikiname
regexp. This is done at runtime so you can change the wikiname over a pages
I would like this patch included so that I can take advantages of new ZWiki
releases without rehacking the source each time.

I'd like to motivate the author to include this feature in the next release.
How much interest by others is there for such a feature?

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> "Jay, Dylan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > What are the disadvantages that you see?
> Nothing specific with your patch - just a general concern with feature
> bloat and preserving simplicity and generality which makes me want to
> consider how each new feature fits into the overall picture.  I
> haven't yet had time to do that for this particular enhancement.  
> Feel free to cc this thread on or the mailing lists;
> discussion of this issue from you and others can help me get to the
> "ready to integrate" stage.
> Regards,
> -Simon

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