"super" still exists.  It's aliased to the emergency user.  There's a comment in User to the effect that the use of super is deprecated, and that emergency_user should be used instead.
I don't believe the reading of the access file is a bug (it's there to provide backwards-compatibility).
What is the actual problem with LoginManager you're experiencing?  How does it fail?
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From: Ulrich Eck
Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2001 9:38 AM
Subject: [Zope-dev] Zope-2.3a2 and Loginmanager

hi out there,
i just setup a box with Zope-2.3a2 and Loginmanager.
didn't work because of Changes  in AccessControl.User:
- Super doesn't exist anymore (is emergency_user the replacement ??)
- Zope-2.3a2 installs itself with a file "inituser" as access-file,
 AccessControl.User.py refers to "access" in
line 372: info = readUserAccessFile('access')  <--- is this a bug ???
- it seems, that there is now some work done in the User.py which
was "hacked" in LoginManager.py (line 130-150)
anyone any ideas about that ???
would like to test my work on Zope-2.3a2 but need the Loginmanger
thanks in advance

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