I agree that it looks better. The addition of another
whole frame for this though is my main beef with it.
Perhaps this could be integrated some other way.
Frames should only be added when there is no other

It's just that browsers waste so much space up there
anyway, and the extra 32 pixels are in addition to
that "waste".

I personally don't care how it "looks" so much as how
efficient it is. All of the other aethestic changes I
feel enhance both looks and efficiency. The top frame
does not IMHO. Form should definitely follow function

BTW: I have been know to use Zope on an old machine
with a 640X480 screen. Although I generally eschew the
frames altogether then and open manage_main by itself.
It's not really fun, but it works.

--- Brian Lloyd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Are you guys working on 486's with 13in. monitors at
> 640x480
> or 
> something? :^)
> Seriously - Zope has been criticized for a very long
> time
> for
> being, ah, aesthetically challenged :) It is a valid
> criticism 
> - we have been (and quite honestly, will continue to
> be)
> more 
> concerned with function over form. But is it really
> so bad
> to 
> make a 32 pixel-high concession to a small pittance
> of
> branding? 
> I know that "branding" isn't important for those who
> are
> already 
> believers, but Zope has grown enough that its
> reasonable to
> put 
> some effort into "first impression factor". It
> doesn't help
> the 
> community for reviews to come out that waste words
> on the 
> visual appeal shortcomings of the UI and totally
> miss the 
> point. A better first impression is a Good Thing.
> The top frame is also a place where we might want to
> put
> more
> "placeless" operations like logout in the future.
> You can
> only 
> jam so much into the tree pane without it looking
> very much 
> like way too much is being jammed into the tree pane
> :)
> one of the things we may put there later is a way to
> do
> "browser 
> preferences" via cookies to control things like
> default text 
> area sizes. That could also have a "hide top frame"
> option
> for 
> those who really can't spare the 32px. :^)

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| Kaivo, Inc.

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