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> Are you guys working on 486's with 13in. monitors at 640x480 or 
> something? :^)

At home I run 21" @ 1600x1280.  And there's a reason I shelled out for
that: I want to get lots of information on the screen.  I didn't buy
extra space just so you could go wasting it :^) Netscape already wastes
a lot of space at the top of the window...

I tend to run multiple browser windows all at the same time: one for the
user's view of the application, and at least one for development.
Sometimes more than one, perhaps one in the Product area for editing the
zclasses and one in the mail tree for editing the app, because it's a
pain to navigate back and forth between the two.

Also, the laptop issue that was raised was valid.

> concerned with function over form. But is it really so bad to 
> make a 32 pixel-high concession to a small pittance of branding? 


> I know that "branding" isn't important for those who are already 
> believers, but Zope has grown enough that its reasonable to put 
> some effort into "first impression factor". It doesn't help the 

To me, this would result in a less positive first impression.
Also, I really much prefered the blue tabs to the black. The black ones
look much flatter.

Don't get me wrong, I like what's been done with the lower part of the
screen. But I hate everything above the "objecttype at path" line.

And what ever happened to the Fishbowl? The only way to see way what
this looks like is to download and build the alpha.  That seriously
limits the visibility.  Also, the current fishbowl project on this is
effectively negative visibility, since it contains screenshots that
don't have anything to do with the actual look and feel.

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