I personally don't have a problem with the new UI as far as the frames
are concerned. I have not used it on
a laptop, so can't express any opinions concerning such. I do prefer the
blue to the black.

Concerning branding, it seems to me (my opinion) that up at the top
would generally be more effective.
Also as the items in the tree in the left frame increases, the branding
keeps getting pushed down and off. It also pushes down and off the items
that Brian speaks of wanting to put into the top frame. The top frame
doesn't consume much more and sometimes less than some of the toolbars
the browser provide and many users use.

Currently in the left frame the user id is at the top. So a certain
amount of the 32 pixels consumed in the new ui are already being
consumed in the left frame. What is impacted the most is the right

These ui elements (and branding) are important and do need placed
somewhere. I would rather have them like they are instead of at the
bottom left frame where there position changes according to the number
of items. Just my opinion. :)

A couple of UI elements I've been thinking about.

I don't like the "Create public interface" checkbox automatically
defaulting to creating a DTML Document. Because there are multiple items
which could be used as the index_html I would like to see a dropdown
box/menu which allow you to select the ui element. I think currently
most will want DTML Method. In the future we might be choosing HiperDOM
or XMLDocument. I think a dropdown would be nice, with a potential user
selected default, which could be listed in the dropdown as "default". 

For people come from a traditional IDE or other types of apps it isn't
necessarily intuitive to click the back button or menu item in order to
exit a screen that you entered but changed your mind about and are doing
nothing. Yes, I understand most of us here understand that no
transaction has taken place and simply going "back" or clicking on
another link is okay. However, for the non-programmer content-provider
user of Zope a "cancel" button which goes back might be a nice ui

Just some thoughts.

Jimmie Houchin

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