Hi Anderson,

Anderson Ami wrote:

> How  can I use this line ? Do I need any product ? 
>   <dtml-call "Session.set('myVariable','somevalue')>

I don't understand your question. Perhaps you need to explain your 
situation in more detail.

In any case, this looks like a question about using Zope rather than 
about the development of zope itself, so I think you should ask only on 
the [EMAIL PROTECTED] list, rather than posting to both the [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
and [EMAIL PROTECTED] lists.

There are very few reasons that anyone should post the same message to 
both [EMAIL PROTECTED] and [EMAIL PROTECTED] There's even a message that 
the mailing list software puts at the end of each message:

   **  No cross posts or HTML encoding!  **

Please take note for the future.

Also, you seem to be missing a " character at the end of the dtml you 
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