> It sounds to me like you're trying to have SkinScript supply a
> bobo_traverse for the Specialist itself, and this you cannot do.  (There
> are other ways to change a Specialist's bobo_traverse behavior, but
> SkinScript is not one of them.)  The SkinScript you're doing is meaningful
> only if you want to go to specialist/skin1/something, in which case your
> traversal_method should be called to process "something".

This is exactly what I want to do ie. process "something".

> I don't have the slightest idea what you're trying to accomplish here - I
> probably missed the beginning of this thread.  Do you want to change the
> way the specialist processes the string "dataskin1", or the way dataskin1
> processes the URL component that comes next?  Each requires a different
> approach.

The best way to describe this is with an example I suppose.  I have a
specialist "Products" and nested within "Products" is another specialist

The current status quo:
 I go to a Product dataskin with a url like Products/<product_id>.
 I go to a Module dataskin with a url like Products/Modules/<module_id>

Where I want to be:
 The url to the Product dataskin stays the same.
 I go to a Module dataskin with url like Products/<product_id>/<module_id>

As I see it the <module_id> is like the "something" you mentioned above. 
The module dataskin would obviously not be found by the Products
specialist, and in that case I simply want to tell it to go look in the
Modules specialist for the module.

I hope this makes more sense, if not I'll be glad to explain more.

Many thanks

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