> ps. for those who missed the first post, I'm advocating that the ordering
> of the management menu tree be done by the ObjectManagers and their ilk
> rather than an enforced alphabetic sort in the tree itself. More logical
> groups exist in some cases.
> -- 
> Richard Jones

I've checked in the change to allow this. Basically, the 
tree tag dtml for the manage_menu view no longer passes 
a 'sort' argument, so whatever ordering is returned from 
tpValues() is preserved.

The default tpValues implementation in ObjectManager has 
been updated to return subobjects sorted by id.

So the effect of this is:

  - All ObjectManager-derived objects that do not 
    specifically override tpValues will continue to be 
    sorted by id like usual

  - tpValues implementations can now dictate what the 
    best 'general case' (manage_main) sorting is for 
    its subobjects

  - Custom tree views written by users that specify a 
    'sort' parameter will continue to do the right thing
    (the sort specified to the tree tag will be applied 
    to the results of tpValues)

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