> For a similar project (http://mailarchive.activestate.com) we too use a
> MSSQL back end, for various reasons similar to Chris. I'm not worried
> it, once upon a time I tried to stick everying in the ZODB. To me one of
> Zope's great strengths is it's portability and connectivity to other
> databases and storage systems.

That's very true :-)

...however, ODB's seem good for tree-like data, probably better than RDB's,
which are better suited to tables. While the mail messages themselves are
tabular, the threading, which for me is _the_ most important part, is very
tree-like and so, again for me, would sit much more nicely in an ODB.

Now, the Catalog, as well as providing a very easy to use interface, is
great for indexing tree-like data, but sadly its performance ain't that
great for big numbers and/or complex searches right now.

If it was lightning fast, better documented and had much more powerful
searching capabilities, it would be Zope's absolute killer feature.

Well, I can keep dreaming, I suppose :-)

Anyway, all Chris P's work is bringing that closer, so thanks for the
changes so far, I'm waiting with baited breath for those to come ;-)



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