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>Robin Becker wrote:
>> The real problem is that ftp_channel uses a method make_recv_channel
>> which uses a global class recv_channel and the recv_channel class has a
>> particular method which zope wants to override. How ought this kind of
>> situation to be handled more cleanly?
>This sounds like a classic application of the Factory Method pattern.
>The other option is to use the Abstract Factory pattern. In this case, 
>you'd pass the constructor of the ftp_channel class a bound method (or a 
>function) that returns the appropriate kind of recv_channel.

yes I have the go4 book and I fully agree that one or other of the above
patterns would be feasible. The problem is that the base medusa comes
from Sam Rushing and Zope makes use of it. I guess since I already patch
the Zope code I could just extend the patch, but the best solution would
come from having two main players agree on such stuff.
Robin Becker

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